Baidu World 2012 held on September 3 , keywords to lock “mobile cloud”

Today, Baidu World 2012 activities official website ( on-line. Baidu officially revealed the news that the Baidu World Congress this year will be held at the China World Hotel in Beijing on September 3, is a focus for developers, the topic focused trade event in the the Baidu mobile cloud strategy.

baidu World 2012

“Mobile cloud” will become the the Baidu World Congress of Keywords. The official website describes the conference – “In the PC era, Baidu as Internet portals, box computing concept data open platform, the application of open platform as well as a new home, so the majority of owners, developers service users in the Baidu platform realize the value in the mobile era, Baidu will fully open cloud capabilities, provides developers with more powerful technology operations support and promotion of realizable protection. ”

Baidu in mobile Internet strategy has been interesting. March of this year, Baidu announced for developers transformation Developers Conference launched a the “Baidu cloud” strategy, and launched Baidu developers center open to developers Baidu Statistics (In-App) Personal Cloud Storage (PCS), Baidu Maps (LBS), Baidu account (Open ID), Baidu application engine (BAE) cloud capability. Currently, Baidu Developer Center has attracted more than 60,000 developers enter, submit trial application of more than 90,000, the figure is growing. This World Congress Baidu, Baidu will first time announced a complete mobile Internet strategy, and demonstrate more innovative products and cloud services for developers and policy.

As the Chinese Internet industry’s largest event of technological innovation, Baidu World Congress has been held for six years, Baidu every year in this release of the year’s most important strategic and new products. Baidu World keynote speech is the highlight of successive Baidu World Conference, when about one hour at a time, the perfect combination of the keynote industry insights and cool high-tech means quite worth looking forward to the annual general meeting a ticket is hard. Recalling the recent sessions of Baidu in the world, born in 2009 “box computing” the 2010 DMR dinosaur showed off Baidu open platform, Li and developers on the same stage in 2011 staged Baidu new Home drama, have become the industry and media relish highlights subsequently caused concern to the industry and to follow a more far-reaching impact.

On the afternoon of the same day, 5 Oita Forum Search Technology Innovation Forum Cloud Developer Forum, research forums, Investment Forum, Marketing Forum will also be held in the same period. According to the the CNNIC 2012 Chinese Internet users search behavior study data, the search engine has become the second largest application of mobile Internet era, even based on 88.5% of the user’s preferred rate, far more than other search engines. 5 Oita Forum will provide developers, investors and partners presented Baidu search scene in the new era of mobile Internet, is also worth looking forward to.

baidu World 2012
Baidu World Conference is open for registration, developers can directly landing Baidu World official website Registration. Taking into account the venue can accommodate a limited number of developers, Assembly Organizing Committee will 10:00-12:00 live Assembly September 3, when the developers can log on the official website online watch.

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