The death of the Chinese Yahoo Mail: User mixed feelings lifelong commitment to the end of


China Yahoo Alibaba acquired eight-mail business has been operated jointly by the United States Yahoo and Yahoo team. In accordance with the agreement of Alibaba and Yahoo, the former need the latest in 2016 China Yahoo brand rights returned to the United States Yahoo.

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Not crazy conjecture: Yahoo phone will come out

yahoo phone

In order to revive Yahoo, Meyer aimed at mobile business. Improved the surface, a far cry from the application and development of mobile operating system. Meyer has said that Yahoo without an operating system to compete. But the market changes, you never know what will happen tomorrow.

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Gmail super yahoo hotmail into first


A few days ago, according to Internet traffic monitoring firm ComScore data show, Gmail has surpassed Hotmail become the world’s largest e-mail service. It is reported that the October month independent user statistics, Gmail independent global user 287,900,000 surpass Hotmail 286,200,000 third of Yahoo is 281700000.

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Yahoo will be held May 25 shutting down Yahoo Meme


Yahoo has announced that the company will be held May 25 shutting down the microblogging platform Yahoo Meme.

Yahoo stressed in a statement today, the company intends to focus on the content and tools “and” core strengths and innovation.

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